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My love will never fail youI've been through so much with you up until this point, I'm not going to give up now. Nothing can ever quench My love for you, for with each passing day, it only grows stronger.

I have loved you from the beginning, and I love you now, and I always will. My love never dies, but lives on and on. My love for you never grows old, but only stays fresh and new. It's never boring, but is alive and vibrant, pulsating and passionate! It never sleeps but only lives to awaken your heart. It's now, it's always, it's forever. My love is something you can lean on. It will give you strength to carry on. It will sustain you when you feel weary, and lift you when you feel you cannot go on.

My love longs for you, it weeps for you. I long to help you. I long to comfort you. My love believes in you. My love counts on you. Please don't ever doubt My love for you. I love you now, and I will love you forever.


This passage is taken from the book "From Jesus with Love"


inspirational readingDon't worry if you feel you're a mess, because we all are. But Jesus is everything! Just talk about Jesus. Forget about your problems and just talk about Jesus. Praise Jesus and love Jesus, and you can't go wrong. When others see that you're just like them, when they see that you also stumble and fall but let Jesus pick you up again, when they see you give all your trials and problems to Him and let Him carry you through, this will encourage their faith.

The fact that you feel like a mess but keep on keeping on for Jesus is what matters. The fact that you keep giving all your problems to Jesus and keep trusting Him is a far greater testimony than if you were perfect, because that points others to Jesus and glorifies Him, not yourself.

So keep loving Jesus. Keep running to His Word. Keep depending on Him every minute of every day, for everything, at every turn. Keep tuning in to His voice and following Him. This is what others need to see, and this is what will inspire them to do the same. They'll know that if Jesus can do it for you, He'll do it for them.