1. Introduction

2. How I can be bothered with old-fashioned religion...

3. Aren't all religions basically the same?

4. Where then does one start, if he sincerely seeks to find the Truth?

5. But isn't the Bible the traditional Holy Book of the West?

6. If the God that the Bible tells us of is not like the churches...

7. Where is this God?

8. Is this "Great Spirit of Love" the only spirit that exists?

9.Other Gods

10. Any religious practice is wrong?

11. Is it necessary to suffer in order to please God?

12. How can I save myself?

13. What can I do?


--Answers to Many of Life's Most Meaningful Questions! "What is life all about?--What am I here for?
Is there a purpose, a plan for me?--And if so, what is it?"

By D Berg


Questions such as these have stirred the soul and imagination of Man throughout the ages. Regardless of our country, colour or creed, our hearts all hunger for the same things--for lasting love, genuine happiness and peace of mind, truth and beauty, meaning and purpose.

All men, from the most primitive tribes in the jungles to members of the most modern and technologically-advanced societies, seem to instinctively sense that life is more than an evolutionary coincidence or accident. Although increasing numbers of people today look to modern science and its continually changing and often contradictory theories to try to understand our origins and the true nature of life, for thousands of years the main source of solace Man has turned to has been his various faiths.--Faiths in which he gives recognition or worship to the unseen supernatural forces he feels must exist.

In his quest for Truth, enlightenment and inner peace, for the Ultimate Reality, Man's many religions have offered him a wide variety of beliefs and practices. By means of those religions, Man reaches out for supernatural assistance, hoping to obtain the favour and blessing of the unseen Power or powers he worships.




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