1. Introduction

2. How I can be bothered with old-fashioned religion...

3. Aren't all religions basically the same?

4. Where then does one start, if he sincerely seeks to find the Truth?

5. But isn't the Bible the traditional Holy Book of the West?

6. If the God that the Bible tells us of is not like the churches...

7. Where is this God?

8. Is this "Great Spirit of Love" the only spirit that exists?

9.Other Gods

10. Any religious practice is wrong?

11. Is it necessary to suffer in order to please God?

12. How can I save myself?

13. What can I do?


--Answers to Many of Life's Most Meaningful Questions! "What is life all about?--What am I here for?
Is there a purpose, a plan for me?--And if so, what is it?"

By D Berg


But how can any religious practice be wrong if it's done sincerely?

The Bible tells us that Satan, the Devil, is an arch-deceiver, and is often "transformed to appear as an angel of light."--2Corinthians 11:14,15.

The Devil often mixes in a lot of truth and a lot of good with his lies in order to make his deceit all the more clever. It's true that many of Satan's demons are obviously evil, violent, destructive and horrific, but many times the Enemy of our souls will try to charm and lull people into his deceptions by baiting his trap with some truths!--To lure his victims into his clutches!

If the Devil didn't teach any good or any truth, most people wouldn't swallow his lies! So he wraps up his bitter pill in a sugar coating--which may look and taste good at first, but it will result in severe spiritual indigestion!--In fact, it is usually pure poison, and if you swallow it, it will ensure your spiritual death!

So it is of vital eternal importance that, in your search for Truth, you find the true God, the God of Love, Who loves you and wants to save you! No amount of religious forms, ceremonies, rituals or traditions can ever bring you the wonderful soul-satisfying peace, joy and love that can be yours once you have a living relationship with the living God!


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