1. Introduction

2. How I can be bothered with old-fashioned religion...

3. Aren't all religions basically the same?

4. Where then does one start, if he sincerely seeks to find the Truth?

5. But isn't the Bible the traditional Holy Book of the West?

6. If the God that the Bible tells us of is not like the churches...

7. Where is this God?

8. Is this "Great Spirit of Love" the only spirit that exists?

9.Other Gods

10. Any religious practice is wrong?

11. Is it necessary to suffer in order to please God?

12. How can I save myself?

13. What can I do?


--Answers to Many of Life's Most Meaningful Questions! "What is life all about?--What am I here for?
Is there a purpose, a plan for me?--And if so, what is it?"

By D Berg


Aren't all religions basically the same?--Are they not all paths that eventually reach the same summit?

Although Man's basic needs and heart's desires are the same, the World's great religions prescribe many different and often contradictory means of meeting those needs. A brief look at some of the most common beliefs and practices makes this evident:
Devout believers of many faiths try to fulfil their spiritual needs by regularly attending places of worship--shrines, temples, mosques, cathedrals etc.--where prayers are made, incense is offered and a multitude of different traditions, ceremonies and rituals are observed.
Some dedicated souls are willing to renounce all worldly pleasures and possessions in order to devote themselves wholly to various religious disciplines. Rather than honouring or looking to icons, idols and representations of their god or gods, many look for truth and reality within themselves, seeking enlightenment by intense concentration, contemplation and meditation.
Some seekers of Truth worship one god, while others worship hundreds or even thousands of gods. Some of the World's major religions began simply as moral or ethical philosophies, and their founders never intended that any deity or god should be worshipped.--Yet today these very founders themselves are venerated as if they themselves were a god!

For many believers, their highest hope and aspiration is that they will survive after death as an individual personality in a happy and heavenly afterlife. Others scorn the idea of continuing to live on as an individual, but rather look forward to the obliteration of their individual self, so that they may become one with the Ultimate Reality of the Universe.

Some believe that after they die they will return to live other lives on Earth, over and over again, that their present life is just one of many births and rebirths that will continue indefinitely until full enlightenment or Salvation is attained. Others believe that Man lives only one life on Earth, and therefore has only one chance to live properly and to somehow secure a happy afterlife.

With so many different--and often contradictory--beliefs to choose from, the seeker of Truth can understandably become quite muddled and confused.--Particularly since almost all of the World's major faiths believe and claim that their approach is the one true path to enlightenment, bliss, Salvation or Heaven!


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