1. Introduction

2. How I can be bothered with old-fashioned religion...

3. Aren't all religions basically the same?

4. Where then does one start, if he sincerely seeks to find the Truth?

5. But isn't the Bible the traditional Holy Book of the West?

6. If the God that the Bible tells us of is not like the churches...

7. Where is this God?

8. Is this "Great Spirit of Love" the only spirit that exists?

9.Other Gods

10. Any religious practice is wrong?

11. Is it necessary to suffer in order to please God?

12. How can I save myself?

13. What can I do?


--Answers to Many of Life's Most Meaningful Questions! "What is life all about?--What am I here for?
Is there a purpose, a plan for me?--And if so, what is it?"

By D Berg


What about all the other gods of the World's great religions?

As mentioned earlier, some of the "gods" that many people have been taught to worship today were actually men, the founders of their particular religions. Although these men never professed to be divine, after they died and several generations of believers passed, the respect and veneration their followers gave them grew, until they ultimately began to be looked upon and worshipped as gods!--A development which these founders never desired or intended!

In other religions, such as the World's great pantheistic religions in which a large number of different gods are worshipped, it is quite possible that some of the epics and legends concerning these deities were originally based on actual events and battles that took place in the Spiritual Plane. Many of these characters and the ancient tales told concerning them could very well have originated with genuine spiritual personalities and past struggles and occurrences within the Unseen Realm.

However, in the process of time and through lack of accurate records, many of these accounts have no doubt become considerably exaggerated and distorted by word-of-mouth into some of the incredible tales, legends and epics that are with us today. But the fact remains that there are countless millions of spiritual beings, who compared to us humans, are actual "gods" and "goddesses," supernatural inhabitants of the Spirit World--some good, and some evil--who are struggling in that realm to either bring Salvation or damnation to Mankind!

Of course, some of the World's major religions do not believe in or worship a personal God at all. Instead, He is viewed as a sort of "Supreme Reality," "Ultimate Principle" or "Absolute" that is underlying the Universe. This rather undefinable concept of the Almighty is usually perceived as a God Who generally remains rather distant and aloof from specific human needs, individuals and circumstances. However, the Bible tells us that the true God is very personally concerned about each one of us, and that "as a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who love Him."--Psalm 103:13.

Other religions, recognising the marvellous wonder of the beauty and balance of Nature, have concluded that the physical Creation itself must be God, that everything we can see is a manifestation or part of God. Such a view is actually very close to what the Bible itself says: "For He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things, and in Him we live and move and have our being!"--Colossians 1:17; Romans 11:36; Acts 17:28. Because He is the great Power Who has created all things, in a sense God is a part of all things and all things are a part of Him, from the vast galaxies of the eavens to the cohesive power of the tiniest atom!

Perceiving the close link between the invisible Creator and the visible things He has made, some religions give reverence and worship to the Creation itself--the Sun, the Moon, the mountains, the wind, the seasons etc. But the Bible tells us that we can worship and personally know and have a living relationship with God Himself, so therefore we do not need to "worship and serve the Creation more than the Creator."--Romans 1: 25. He does not mind us admiring, marvelling and wondering at the beauties, glories and miracles of His handiwork, His gorgeous Creation, but He doesn't want us to glorify or worship the things that are made while neglecting their Maker!

Another means by which millions try to attain spiritual enlightenment is through meditation. Although the dedication of many sincere seekers who follow this path is admirable, those who place themselves in the trance-like state that is necessary for deep meditation should beware!--For although they may indeed find some of the supernatural spiritual powers they are seeking, they may also discover that while in the trance-like state of deep meditation they have opened themselves up to the unseen forces of the Spirit World.--And if they are not genuinely protected by the Spirit of the one true God, they can easily be misled and fall prey to deceiving spirits and become demon-possessed!


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