1. What makes Jesus different ...

2. But why would God send His Son into the World?

3. How could Jesus be God...

4. Why does Jesus frequently refer to Himself as "the Son of Man"?

5. So Jesus came to tell us about God's Love?

6. Why did the religious leaders reject Him?

7. If all of this true, what good is it to me today?

8. But aren't such beliefs rather bigoted and narrow-minded?

9. But can't you just say "God" ...

10. How can a person become a Christian, when the history of Christianity is so darkened ...

11. How can I know beyond a shadow of a doubt ... the way of Salvation?

12. Jesus's second coming


by D. Berg


How can I know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not Jesus Christ really is the Son of God, the way of Salvation?

We have touched on several features of Jesus' life that could perhaps assist or inspire your faith. As mentioned earlier, the historical facts regarding Jesus of Nazareth cannot be denied by anyone who seriously and open-mindedly examines the facts.
The fulfillment of over 300 Old Testament prophecies given many centuries before He was born, describing in detail His birth, His life, His work, His death and His resurrection, also cannot be denied by any sincere seeker of truth.
There is also no reason to doubt that after His death, something incredible happened which transformed His tiny band of dejected followers into a company of witnesses whom all the persecution of Imperial Rome could not stop. Downhearted and discouraged, their Lord cruelly crucified by His enemies, it looked to those disciples like their hopes had died and their dreams were shattered.
But three days after Jesus' death, their faith was rekindled in such a dramatic manner that no force on Earth was ever able to quench it! And that lowly handful of His original followers went on to tell the entire World the Good News!--That God not only sent His Son into the World to teach us His Truth and show us His Love, but also that Jesus suffered death for our sake, and then rose from the grave!--So that we who know and believe on Him never need to fear death again, for we are saved and on our way to Heaven, thanks to Jesus!
The New Testament tells us that Jesus personally appeared to over 500 eye-witnesses after His resurrection.--1Corinthians 15:6. This was the resounding message that His first disciples boldly proclaimed throughout the World, "God raised Him from the dead!"--Acts 13:30.
A mere mental, intellectual acceptance of these facts is not enough. For you to be absolutely certain that Jesus is Who He claimed to be, the Son of God, you simply need to personally try Him! Ask Him to come into your heart, forgive you for all the wrong you've done, and fill your life with His Love, peace and joy.--And He will! He says in His Word, "Behold, I stand at the door (of your heart) and knock. If you hear My voice and open the door I will come into you."--Revelation 3:20. You don't have to try to figure Him out, just let Him in!
If you want His Love, light, life, joy, eternal happiness and Salvation, all you have to do is personally receive Him into your heart.--You can do it this very moment! He's made Salvation the easiest thing in the World, it requires absolutely no effort on your part whatsoever, no work, nothing, you simply have to receive it. And even if you don't understand it all, the Bible says that God's Love is "Love which passes your own understanding."--Ephesians 3:19. You don't have to understand God in order to receive His Love!
Will you receive Him?--If so, He will be the most precious One in your life!--Your closest Friend and Companion Who will be with you always! Receive Him now by simply praying this little prayer:

"Dear Jesus, I know that I need help and that I can't save myself. I have heard that You are the Son of God, and that through You I can personally find and know the God of Love. Jesus, I need Your Love to cleanse me from all fear and hate. I need Your Light to drive away all darkness. And I need Your Peace to fill and satisfy my heart. So I now open the door of my heart, and I ask You, Jesus, to please come in and give me Your free gift of Eternal Life! Thank You, Jesus, for suffering for all of the wrong I have done and for forgiving me and hearing my prayer! In Jesus' name, amen."

If you would like to know more about Jesus and God's Plan and Will for you, please ask the one who gave you this booklet for a copy of the next booklet in this series, "The Word!"--A fascinating and enlightening explanation of what the Bible is, why it is the most unique book in the World, how God wrote it, how to understand its mysteries, etc.! We love you!



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