1. What makes Jesus different ...

2. But why would God send His Son into the World?

3. How could Jesus be God...

4. Why does Jesus frequently refer to Himself as "the Son of Man"?

5. So Jesus came to tell us about God's Love?

6. Why did the religious leaders reject Him?

7. If all of this true, what good is it to me today?

8. But aren't such beliefs rather bigoted and narrow-minded?

9. But can't you just say "God" ...

10. How can a person become a Christian, when the history of Christianity is so darkened ...

11. How can I know beyond a shadow of a doubt ... the way of Salvation?

12. Jesus's second coming



by D. Berg


But can't you just say "God" and speak of "God's Love"? Why must you insist on using Jesus' name?

If Jesus is God's Son, and God chose Jesus to reveal Himself to the World, then God Himself has insisted on it! These are God's conditions, not ours: "Love Me, love My Son!" The Bible says, "All men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He who does not honour the Son, does not honour the Father Who sent Him."--John 5:23.

God is our great, kind and loving Heavenly Father, and He loves each of us very much. And He wants us all to experience and know the wonderful Love, joy and satisfaction that comes from personally knowing and being close friends with Him.
But sad to say, all of us have done wrong at one time or another, and have been selfish, unloving or unkind to others.--Or even to Him, our Heavenly Father! He tells us in His Word, "All have missed the mark and have fallen short of the perfection of God.--Romans 3:23.

God knows that no matter how hard we try to be good, none of us can ever be good enough to come into His perfect presence through our own self-goodness. But Jesus is perfect. And because He was willing to come to Earth and suffer and die on the cross for us, to take the punishment that we deserve for our wrong-doings, we can be forgiven for all our failings and be reunited with our great and loving Heavenly Father if we will simply accept Jesus' pardon and Gift of Eternal Life!

It doesn't matter how bad we are, no matter what we've done, if we will simply ask Jesus to forgive us and receive Him into our heart, we will be forgiven and saved.--Which means we will not only know God's wonderful Love and peace here and now, but when we die, we will inherit a never-ending life of Love and happiness in Heaven forever!

No mere mortal man, be he prophet or teacher, sage or guru, could possibly do what Jesus did!--Only God Himself in the person of His Own Son could pay the price for our failings, and take the punishment that we deserve. Only God could have done that in the person of His Son Jesus. This is why Jesus alone could rightfully proclaim Himself to be "the Way, the Truth and the Life."

There is simply no other way to make peace with God. He will not accept any other terms, any other deal. In Jesus, the one thing that needed to happen for Mankind happened in such a way that it never needs to happen again! It is for this reason that we can claim with certainty that for the greatest ailment of humanity there is only one specific remedy.--Jesus!

If many different groups of pathologists were all earnestly seeking to discover the cause and cure of cancer, and one group--through no brilliance of their own--were to discover the secret, would it be "narrow-mindedness" or "bigotry" for them to share what they had found with all the other groups, and indeed with the entire World?--Of course not! In fact, it would be the utmost folly, selfishness, lack of love and dishonesty were they to keep the secret to themselves!--This is why we who have personally found Jesus, do all we can to share Him with others.


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