2. His Birth

3.Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.

4. His Betrayal

5. His Trial

6.His crucifixion

7. His Burial

8. His Resurrection

9. Exact year of His crucifixion

10. Destruction of Jerusalem after His coming

11. Shutting of East gate after His coming

12. WHY?



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Destruction of Jerusalem after His coming.

by D Berg




"At the end of the 62 sevens shall the Messiah be cut off, but not for Himself:

And the people of the ruler that shall come shall destroy the city (of Jerusalem) and the Sanctuary (the Jewish Temple)." -- Daniel 9:26.

In other words, according to this prophecy, after the Messiah's death, the city of Jerusalem and the Temple would be destroyed! Was it? Yes! Only 40 years late!


After Jesus was cut off (or crucified in 30 A.D.), "not for Himself", but for the sins of the World, do you know what happened to Jerusalem and to the Jews' Temple?

In 70 A.D., the Roman legions of the Emperor Vespasian ("the people of the ruler"), under his son, General Titus, marched in and burnt Jerusalem to the ground and so utterly destroyed the Sanctuary that not one stone was left upon another!

Jesus Himself, in a set of amazingly detailed prophecies given 40 years before these catastrophic events, predicted exactly what would happen! (See Mathew 24:1-2; Luke 19:42-44; 21:20-24)





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