Free  Children's Bible Stories


    1.The miracle of the Loaves  and Fishes

     2.The Story of Moses

     3.Walking on the water

     4.Ministry of John the Baptist

     5.Parables of the Sower

     6.Rich Fool

        1.The Story of Abraham

     2.Christmas Story

     3. Lazarus Raised

     4.Easter Story



     1. Adam & Eve

     2.Talking Donkey

     3.Daniel 2

     4.The story of Noah's Ark

     5.The true Story of Saint Nicholas

     6.The Day the Sun Stood Still. The Story of Joshua.

          Bible Stories on CD

          Coloring pages


     Bible study for children

     Psalm 23 illustrated

     Who or What is God? 


Funny Books for Children

     1.Sasha's Story

     2.Grasshopper the King

     4.Butterfly Mimmy

     5.Giggles in the


6.Grandpa Jakes Christmas Storybook w/ Audio CD

7.Insects Galore w/ Audio CD

8.Ocean Treasures w/ Audio CD 



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frenchFree Illustrated and Animated Children's Bible stories & Funny books for kids

You can teach your child the Bible from an early age.

These Online Children's Bible stories are easy to read

Bible lessons, Bible verses, and Bible studies.

All of the online children's Bible stories are

nicely illustrated or animated.

Some of the books are available here for free to download, free to read online.

Now we have a member site. We are working on Read along Bible Stories. We have Christmas Story, Parable of the Sower, Rich Fool already with Narrator

Christmas Story is available for Free and this is our Gift to you for Christmas

Apart from that we have compiled them as e-books and you would be able to purchase them from Downloads site

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We did not make CD with audio files yet, only animations and illustrations, we are working on that part.

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We have 4Animated stories without narrator compiled as e-book each to download for free.

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     With additional new stories:

Old Testament

     The Elijah

     New Testament

     1. Paul's Conversion

     2. Paul is Shipwrecked


    3. Jesus Turns Water into Wine