Connected - A message from Jesus



      I want to be a very present help, coworker, companion‚ and friend as you go about your busy days. I want to make a strong connection with you first thing in the morning, and then I want to keep that connection strong all day long as we enjoy each other’s company, talk things over, and work things out together.

     You’re in the habit of launching right into your day without making that connection, and when situations or problems arise you try to sort them out on your own, as best you can. By the time you remember to pray—if you remember at all—you’ve usually already decided what to do, based on your experience or what seems reasonable. Because I can see things more clearly and completely than you can, I often have a better plan, but it’s hard for Me to get through to you because your own thoughts get in the way. You mean well, but things would go smoother and turn out better if you were in closer communication with Me.

     So before your day begins, take a few quiet minutes with Me. Try to block from your mind all of your plans and thoughts about the day ahead and spend those few minutes reading My Word, thinking about Me, thanking Me for all I’ve done for you in the past, and thanking Me in advance for My continued help and blessings. As you do these things, our minds and spirits will meet. Once you’ve made that connection, if you will continually turn your thoughts toward Me, My love, peace, and power will carry you through the day, come what may.

      As things come up don’t just ask yourself, “What should I do now?” or “What should I say?” but ask Me. When you have a problem or feel frustrated or hurried or worried or confused or discouraged, tell Me about it. Come to Me and I’ll give you exactly what you need at the time, whether it’s solutions or help or comfort or reassurance or encouragement. You’ll find overcoming power in My presence.

      Abide in Me and let Me abide in you continually. Talk to Me, sing to Me, converse with Me, listen to Me, commune with Me. That sounds good, you may think, but it also sounds very spiritual, and you wonder if you can do it. But in reality it’s a very practical matter with very practical benefits. It’s also not hard once you get in the habit. You think all day long, don’t you? Don’t you always have thoughts running through your mind—how to do this or that, where to go when, what to say next, and so on? You talk to yourself continually. Well, talk to Me instead. Why talk to yourself when you can talk to Me and get My help?

       I want to be a constant presence in your life. Won’t you let Me? Won’t you talk to Me more as you go about your business‚ sharing your thoughts and desires with Me? I want to share My thoughts and heart with you too, to develop bonds of love and fellowship and to be that constant presence, that constant companion, because I love you.

        As you give Me more room in your thoughts, you will take on more of My mind, My attitudes, My thoughts. Then I will be able to get through to you easier and better guide your actions. I will be able to give you the right perspective on your work, your relations with others, yourself, and the world around you. I will be able to remind you of things to do, give you new ideas or new ways of doing things‚ and provide the answers you need. Come to Me in quietness and trust, and you will find the strength and power you need. Draw close to Me and I will draw close to you. That’s a promise!










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