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You Do Your Best, & God Will Do The Rest!

God expects us to do all we can, then He will do what we can't! When Jesus went to raise Lazarus from the dead, He told the people, "Roll ye away the stone!" (Jn.11:39) He could have made Lazarus walk right through the stone, so why did they have to roll it away?--Rolling the stone away from the door of the tomb was something they could do. They couldn't raise him from the dead, but they could roll the stone away!

God's not always going to do it for you when you can do it for yourself! He said to Moses, "What is that in thine hand?" (Exo.4:2) He usually lets you do what you can do, then He does what you can't do. Jesus said, "Seek & ye shall find, knock & it shall be opened unto you, ask & ye shall receive." (Mat.7:7,8) If you don't go around looking, you're not going to find. Maybe all nine doors are shut & you're only going to find one open, but are you just going to sit there & say, "Lord, reveal it to me"?--No! God expects you to put feet to your prayers, get out & do a little hoofing & look!

If you know you're doing your best to please & obey Him, God will do almost anything for you, some of the most amazing things you could possibly imagine! So help us, Lord, to do our part & obey! Then we know you will do the rest!




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Author: D. B. Berg
Language: English
Product ID: EBK111
ISBN/EAN/UPC: 3-03730-299-2
Dimensions (in inches): 5.00 x 7.00

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A unique collection of books that bring inspiration and answers to life’s tough questions, and will help you grow in the fundamentals of faith and how to apply them to your life today.



• Brief power-packed inspirational readings for every day of the year!
• Encouragement, comfort, spiritual refreshment—the extra boost you need to make the most of every day!
• Up-to-the-minute applications of Bible principles for happy, successful living!
• Practical pointers to help you meet life’s challenges!
• Topical index!


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