E-Mailing Jesus

                                 Ketie  Rosalieva                            



When a close friend moved away, I felt alone and worried about not having anyone to talk to, seek advice from, and confide in. I very much missed having that special link with someone, but I soon discovered that I could have the same kind of personal connection with Jesus that I had enjoyed with my dear friend.

I decided to get up earlier each morning than I had been in order to take an hour to read Godís Word and hear from Jesus in prophecy before I did anything else. These have become my daily ďtalk timesĒ with Jesus, and they really do the trick!

Since I can type faster than I can write, I do this on my computer. I start by typing a prayer in which I share my heart with Jesus--just as though I were writing Him a letter or e-mail. I tell Him whatís been happening with me, what I expect to face that day, and anything that may be bothering me. He already knows these things, of course, but it really helps to commit it all to Him in prayer. When I type ďAmen,Ē itís like clicking on the ďsendĒ button on my e-mail program. My prayer, like an e-mail message, has been sent off to the courts of Heaven for Jesus to read.

Thatís great, but even better is that I donít have to wait for hours, days, or weeks for a reply. As soon as I send my e-mail, the reply comes. I just type out the message as I hear Jesus speak to my heart, and it nearly always contains all the answers, comfort, instruction, peace, and inspiration I need to see me through the day. If not, I shoot off another e-mail to Jesus asking Him to fill in the gaps, and He does.

This special time with Jesus in the morning has been such a help that Iíve gotten in the habit of e-mailing Him a couple of times a day, especially when things come up unexpectedly and I need His opinion or advice. Usually it just takes a few minutes, and the clear, simple advice and solutions He gives always make it time well spent.

I now enjoy the companionship and confidence of new friends and co-workers, but I am hooked on my e-mail times with Jesus. They have become my way of telling Him how much I love and need and depend on Him, as well as a great opportunity to thank Him for all He does for me. In return, He sends me all I need to make it through the day a winner. I like that part too!

Keti Rosalieva is a member of the Family International in Romania.












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