From Jesus With Love: My presence



Iím just as real and present as someone you can see and touchóeven more so, actually, because I am always with you. Iím right here by your side, and Iím ready, willing, and able to speak to you, to help you, to direct you, to comfort you, to love you, to heal you, and to provide for you. I have a lot to offer, but how fully I am able to bless you depends on how much room you make for Me.

I want you to bring Me into every area of your life. I want you to think about Me, to talk to Me, and to listen to Me, and to learn to follow where I lead. I donít ask this because I want to harness or control you, but because I love you. I want to provide for you and protect you and shower you with love. I want to be with you and around you and in you all the time, like a lover wants to be with the one he loves. 

When you include Me in whatever it is youíre doing, it strengthens our relationship; it draws you closer to My Spirit, and we form stronger bonds of love and communication. The more we talk, the more you come to Me for companionship, the more you look to Me for answers to your questions and solutions to your problems, the more you bring Me into each area of your life, the more our love will grow and the greater satisfaction you will find in life, because all you do will be blessed with My presence










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