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Are you Looking for happiness? Stressed-out? Lonely? Bored? Faced with tough choices? Having relationship or marriage problems? Wishing you were a better parent? Missing a lost loved one? Barely coping with some other personal crisis? Feeling short on faith, or far from God?


Sweet relief is here! From Jesus, with Love is full of words of comfort and advice that can see you through all of these problems and more. Its author is Jesus. Find out just how much He loves you!






Learn from the Master the secrets to success-in life and with others. These capsules of divine love and wisdom are unlike anything else you’ve ever read!

Product Details:

Language: English
Product ID: EBK123
ISBN/EAN/UPC: 3–03730–106–6
Pages: 56
Dimensions (in inches): 6.00 x 6.00

Price: $9.95

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