Children's stories


The Real Santa


Nicholas was famous amongst the people because he asked the Lord to do miracles many times when hope seemed lost and the Lord answered his prayers

One time while traveling in a ship, Nicolas was on got caught in a big storm. Everyone was afraid the ship would sink; the sailors felt hopeless as they watched the waves fill their boat with lots of water.

It seemed like there was nothing to be done, and that the ship would sink! While all this was going on Nicholas got down on his knees and prayed for God to save them; as he prayed the water became calm and there was no more wind or waves and everything went silent! Everyone was able to get home to their families safely, many people thanked Nicholas for this, but he gave all the glory to God!

2.There were other times when Nicholas called on God to do miracles: one time there was a famine and Nicholas provided food for many people;

3. He rescued some poor children who were being kept in a cold cellar without their parents and healed the children who were sick, Nicholas was very good to children;

4.He also was a very just man and helped save a man from being punished for something he didn’t do, Nicholas proved that the man was not guilty of the crime he had been blamed for.